Ultra-Clean PFA Tubing for Demanding Applications: Manufactured per SEMI F57 Standard

Our PFA tubing is designed for critical applications in cleanrooms and high-purity environments, exceeding the requirements of the SEMI F57 standard. It is manufactured with DAIKIN NEOFLON PFA AP-Series resins, high-performance fluoropolymers which offer unmatched performance and safety benefits.

Product types:

High-Purity Daikin AP 230SH PFA: This base material provides excellent chemical resistance and melt flowability, making it ideal for demanding chemical handling applications.

Ultra-Pure Daikin AP 231SH PFA: This resin boasts even lower levels of extractable contaminants, minimizing the risk of contamination in your ultrapure fluids. It has the best stress crack resistance, extending the lifespan of your fluid delivery system.



Reduced Contamination Risks: Ultra-low levels of extractable contaminants ensure the purity of your critical fluids, minimizing the risk of product defects and maximizing yields.

Improved System Uptime: The exceptional chemical resistance and durability of the tubing minimizes the risk of corrosion and potential leaks, promoting a safer work environment for personnel and protecting valuable equipment.

PFA rolls - SEMI F57 cleanroom packaging

PFA rolls - Normal packaging

PFA Flared Tube Connector / Fittings

PFA rolls are available in rolls of 100 meters.

Common sizes (tube O.D., inches) - 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1"

Other sizes (e.g. metrics) are also available.

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