ETFE-coated Stainless Steel Duct boasts exceptional resistance against corrosive / combustible exhaust fumes. Our coated ducts are FM Approved per Approval Standard 4922, passing rigorous fire safety testing.

Our ducts are coated with Teflon™ ETFE (Chemours) resin. This multi-layer coating is mechanically robust and has high corrosive resistance. When they are subjected to severe fire, they will not collapse, propagate fire or emit significant amounts of smoke.

Prioritize the safety of your personnel and equipment and invest in ETFE-coated exhaust ducts for a long-lasting, safe, and efficient solution.

Straight Duct

Elbow, 90 deg, Gored

Elbow, 45 deg, Gored

Elbow, Square to round, 90 deg

Tee, Reducing

Tee, Double boot

Tee, Eccentric

Tee, Lateral

Tee, Y


Square to round transition

Reducer, Concentric

End cap


Test port piece

Saddle piece


ETFE-coated dampers meets the rigorous standards set by the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) for air leakage and performance.

These dampers are suitable for various HVAC systems due to their ETFE coating and AMCA certification. They can be used in:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Cleanrooms
  • Laboratories
  • Other environments demanding tight air control

Damper, Manual handle

Damper, Geared handle

Damper, Large round diameter, Square piece

Damper, Rectangular, Multiblade

Damper, Square to round

Damper, Check

Damper, Vertical Check

Damper, Rectangular, Check

Damper, Rectangular, Vertical Check

Damper, Ultra high temperature

Damper, Vortex, Pneumatic

Support Clamp

PTFE Sealing strip

Expanded PTFE Full face gasket